Extended DISC®


Would it not be ideal to maximize the performance of your employees through understanding the behavioural styles of both sides of the prospective sale? Our Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessments are designed to provide information and guidance on how to adjust behaviours in a selling situation that make an impact, are actionable and most importantly, have a positive impact on performance.

Behaviour assessments in salesBehaviour assessments help us understand how individuals can adapt their styles to work with other people. They are based on behaviour models that are well established and recognized globally. Individuals using the assessment learn valuable information on their style, strengths, development areas, skills, opinions, perceptions, and expectations, as well as how well aligned they are with the competencies required to achieve the goals of a specific sales role.

 Behaviour assessments for whole sales teams provide managers with guidance on how to manage team members and team dynamics based on the needs of different personality types. Finally Customer Behavioural Assessments help you identify the likely behavioural styles of your customers so natural styles can be adapted, enhancing both rapport and relationships with your valuable clients.