InField™ COACH


Do any of these issues seem familiar?

  • We have adopted the language and concepts of the selling methodology internally, but I am not seeing any change in results in the pipeline.
  • My pipeline shows an improvement in the quality and quantity of opportunities, but my win rates are not going up.
  • My team tells me it is too hard to adapt new process in the field.
  • I am not an expert myself how to apply the new way of doing things, so how can I be an effective coach?
  • I do not have enough time to prepare for and conduct coaching sessions.
  • I don’t know if we are making progress in adopting the training.
  • How can I drive real return on investment from my training dollars?
  • How can I tell where the biggest gaps in my sales people’s skills are?

Infield Sales Coaching

If you answered yes to any of these sales lead challenges, consider InField Coach.

InField Coach allows you to observe what is happening directly in the field and coach effectively towards the right behaviour.

  • Cut down your coaching preparation time.
  • Capture real data in the field that will help you coach better.
  • Access the coaching tips you need, when you need them.
  • Learn where your sales people or your team need help the most through firsthand knowledge of behaviours in the field.

Drive new ways of selling, gain real return on investment in training, and dramatically improve your team’s ability to sell with InField Coach.

InField Coach - helping sales managers drive efficient and effective behavioural changes