PROFILER™ allows individuals or organisations to assess their current sales capabilities against comprehensive profiles of what is required to be successful in a particular sales role.  Each sales role is defined in a detailed capability profile against which participants can rate their situation and receive a report highlighting strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Profiler includes

  • A comprehensive  survey tool that facilitates self-assessment, with the option of allowing managers to review and adjust individual assessments in order to counter any positive or negative bias in the self assessment;
  • 50-70 point questionnaire surveys based on global and industry best practise ;
  •  Selection from a range of generic sales and management roles applicable to most B to B businesses, or customized profiles to suit specific circumstances;
  •  Gap Analysis report for Individual or Sales Manager;
  • Survey and reports provided online to simplify deployment, allow rapid customization of profiles and minimise costs;
  • Recommendations and links to relevant training, documentation and customisation options for learning and training development based on gap analysis reports.

sales productivity improvement with Profiler

The value of assessing capability gaps before you invest in training and development activities allows you to address what is really needed rather than a broad based, one-size-fits-all approach. Drive your training dollars further and accelerate your sales productivity improvement with Profiler.