WINSCOPE offers a unique blend of analysis, planning and review tools in a modular, logical program - a compelling proposition for anyone with complex, must-win opportunities in their pipeline. Once learned, the tools can be applied in a systemic application as a team exercise or used as a toolkit to improve singular aspects of an opportunity at any time.

Sales Execution & Management



This 2-Day training program assists sales people and sales managers alike to analyse important accounts and develop account plans designed to strengthen relationships at multiple levels, build barriers to competitive attack, and compile a portfolio of opportunities that will maximize the results from exiting accounts.



WINSCOPE combines a comprehensive planning methodology for strategic sales opportunities, with the soft skills required to execute on the plan and negotiate a successful close. The process enables thorough assessments of both the target customer and the competitive situation to ensure decisions to compete are properly evaluated and supported by rigorous, peer-reviewed opportunity plans.



The Purpose of Value Conversations is to understand how to communicate well, have business conversations and share value propositions as they pertain to each player in a consultative manner. Value Conversations in sales processIt is important to analyse, plan and understand the value that can be brought to the table in any given opportunity – it is equally important to communicate that value in a manner that promotes credibility and acceptance by the buyer. This one-day program covers the key concepts and basic principles of a value conversation. Participants learn the various dialogue keys and where they are most likely to be used within the sales process. Rehearsal and preparation of the dialogue helps participants prepare for any conversation.



negotiation in sales processIn this 2-day training program, participants learn the key concepts for effective negotiation at any stage of the sales process. Understand what is necessary to plan for a final negotiation and learn a process for Negotiation Execution. Working on live opportunities, participants build a Negotiating Strategy and define Negotiation Tactics to maximise their chances of a successful win.


The introduction to WINSCOPE is through a four day workshop, conducted either in a single session or in multiple sessions over time. WINSCOPE is supported by a comprehensive assessment and planning tool designed to assist the sales team to make the right choices and drive plans. Available as a application, the WINSCOPE toolkit enables users who have completed the initial workshop to use any of the Tools with other opportunities as a “diagnostic and repair kit” or the complete framework for their more complex opportunities, as they see fit.