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Semiconductor Technologies

They recognized the need to transform their sales force from a product to a solution focus. The CSO engaged SPM to help design and drive a 3 year program for this initiative. Building from the 3 year business plan and benchmarking studies conducted by independent firms, the management team embarked on a journey to establish the behavioural vision that would take them to their revenue and profitability goals. Knowledge, skills and abilities were assessed across the Sales & Marketing team at all levels, and a multi program curriculum was designed and developed to address the gaps identified. Core training programs began rolling out 6 months after the project started, supported by clear adoption plans and HR programs for performance assessment and improved hiring. 18 months after the decision to embark, the company had experienced a substantial increase in selling effectiveness and improved sales performance. This contributed to a 20%+ increase in sales revenue, exceeded target growth in margins, and the organization continued growth into the target year and beyond. Share prices increased in excess of 50% during this period.

Sales Performance Management provided the architecture, gap analysis, design & development, deployment and management of the programs.

Electronics/Storage Technologies

The Company engaged SPM as the architects of their  targeted sales transformation program .  SPM guided them through a series of workshops from vision creation to program execution. The outcomes of this program have seen demonstrable gains in market share, revenue and operational efficiency.

The Company has truly developed into a dynamic organization, with SPM consistently providing excellent advice, guidance and insights into complex and daunting challenges.

They continue to engage SPM as their journey progresses and actively recommend SPM to any organization serious about sales productivity improvement.

Container Port Operator

Selected SPM as their partner in their sales transformation project. SPM was chosen because of their background and track record in understanding all phases of a sales transformation effort and because of the intellectual property they brought to the table to help guide the Company and short-track the considerable effort that is involved over time for a project of this nature. Over the course of that project SPM was found to be a reliable partner that demonstrated expertise in a number of areas including:

  • Assessment of the knowledge skills and abilities of staff and providing gap analysis data to create baselines for individual and group development;
  • Development of customized training programs based on the group development requirements;
  • Creation of Toolkits for the Field that helped drive in the learning and encouraged behavioral change of our team; and
  • Measurement frameworks for the on-going assessment of sales effectiveness and behavioral change.

They valued the ability of the SPM consultants to quickly understand their business and sale, adapting their tools and frameworks as required. They continue to work with SPM as they move forward with their sales transformation journey.



This Company has been working with the team at SPM since 2006 and continues to do so based on SPM's in depth knowledge of sales productivity issues and solutions, and their understanding of what is required to drive sustainable behavioural change. SPM remain a preferred provider of consulting and training services based on their consistently reliable performance and strong customer focus. SPM designed, developed and were instrumental in delivering the Company's sales transformation program.