Our Partners


6one5 Retail Consulting Group

6one5® is a leading specialist consulting group that specialises in retail and consumer markets. They offer consulting services and training programs aimed at delivering significant profit improvement above current performance. Click on their logo on the right hand side to learn more about 6one5.


CSO Insights

CSO Insights provides up to date information and insights into what is happening in the sales profession through extensive surveys across thousands of companies around the globe. With over 19 years experience anlaysing what works and doesn’t work, the trends, the key challenges facing sales organizations, CSO represents the most comprehensive source of independent analysis on our profession.They track  trends in the use of people, process, technology and knowledge to improve sales effectiveness and provide invaluable inputs to our program development.  This  ensures we bring solutions to market that fit todays requirements. Through that alliance, we happily share with you those analytical reports and whitepapers, many of which are free.  Knowledge is power. CSO Insights provides that knowledge.


Extended Disc

The Extended DISC® System is based on a psychological theory developed in the 1920's, by Carl G. Jung, and further enhanced by William Moulton-Marston into a four dimensional behavioral map. As a result, the four-quadrant thinking of human behavior was developed. Extended DISC® Theory does not classify people into good or bad. Nor does it limit a person’s possibilities to develop in any other direction or work environment. Extended DISC® Theory describes the person’s natural reaction mode or behavioral style in different situations. It gives the person a better ability to understand one’s own and others' behavior, to adjust one’s own behavior to better suit the situation, to avoid unnecessary problems in communication and to point one’s life into the direction where he or she better succeeds and enjoys it the most. The Extended DISC® System allows an individual to be more flexible and dynamic (adapting) in his or her behavior.