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The Sales Management Dilemma:sales management skills

  • too few hours in the week
  • too much pressure to close business
  • too many reporting requirements
  • too few sales people who are truly independent and capable
  • too little time for training
  • too hard to identify, recruit and train good people

Sales Performance Management provides field tested methodologies and tools to quickly review your current position and identify trouble spots. Opportunity and Pipeline Reviews are integrated with coaching for Sales People and Managers alike to build skills and improve the chances of winning business.

SPM lifts your game, not your workload!

  • Sales Management Process Development - sales management processDevelop and implement a sales management process that is aligned with your sales process. Equip your managers with the analytical tools and skills to identify issues and trends early in the sales cycles. Integrate analytical and remedial functions into a cadence aligned with the broader business timetable.
  • Management Capability Analysis - Develop Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) profiles for sales managers and establish performance benchmarks using Profiler to conduct assessments and analyse gaps. Develop curriculum and process recommendations to address those gaps.
  • Sales Analytics - Identify key metrics for the early detection of potential issues in key opportunities, pipeline management and forecasts. Leverage leading indicators to identify possible strategic and tactical actions to fill gaps.
  • Sales Management as a Service - Engage experienced sales managers as interim resources to conduct opportunity reviews and coaching, skills assessment, pipeline analysis and identification of gaps, coach to sales managers, sales process reviews and communications.
  • Coach the Coach - Coaching is a critical component of any sales performance improvement initiative and is too often a neglected skill in sales managers. sales management analysisConducting opportunity or pipeline reviews supported by an SPM Sales Management consultant can improve both analytical and coaching skills in just a single session. Regular joint reviews will produce sustained improvement in sales management performance.
  • InFieldAssessments - InField COACH helps sales managers drive behavioural changes into the field efficiently and effectively. This mobile SaaS application helps cut down the preparation time for coaching, and provides a simple way to capture real data in the field. Sales Managers can access coaching tips to coach when it is most effective. Learn where your sales teams need the most help through firsthand knowledge of observed behaviours. Click here to learn more