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Over the last number of years, smart organisations around the globe actually increased their investments in sales training by almost 10%, despite extremely difficult economic conditions. CSO Insights  Sales Optimisation Report found that enabling sales professionals to:

  1. sell in a tough economy,
  2. understand their customer's marketplace,
  3. justify the cost of their products or services, and
  4. utilize technology to help them sell,

paid big dividends for their organisations.

Our training programs are based on the latest research and best practice analysis of the Sales Profession. Scroll below to read more.

Basic  SalesCraft:

SalesCraft 1 - A primer for sales people who have had little or no sales training. Sales Professional 1 broadly covers the spectrum of selling skills from Territory and Account Planning, Introduction of a Sales Process and Conversational Skills, to Negotiating Agreement.

SalesCraft 2 - Extends the spectrum of selling skills from Sales Professional 1 to include Intermediate Sales Communications Skills. Introduces management approaches for Territory and Account Planning and Sales Management concepts relating to managing opportunities and  pipeline.

SalesCraft Hunter -  a focused 1.5 day program specifically targetted at finding new opportunities and opening customer doors to new ideas and conversations.

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Advanced: WINSCOPE

WINSCOPE is an integrated suite of selling solutions designed to analyse complex selling opportunities from multiple angles, develop strategies, tactical approaches and actions to increase your chances of success at any stage of the game.

WINSCOPE combines simple, easy to use analytical tools with a modular approach to easily customize to your specific situation and challenges.

The modules include:

  • Opportunity Analysis

improving  sale skills Knowledge is power. Learn a structured approach to analyse the potential drivers behind customer decisions and identify potential sources of value you might include in your approach to increase the size of your solutions.

  • People Analysis

Relationship is important, and the more you understand the people who influence buying decisions the better. Learn how to develop a multi-dimensional relationship to strengthen your position in the opportunity.

  • Competitive Analysis

How do you compare to your competition in the opinions of the customer? How do those opinions differ between the different influencers in the buying committee?

Building a strong competitive strategy demands a thorough understanding of the decision criteria of the customer buying committee and the positions and interests that drive them. Learn how to take an objective view of where you stand versus your competition.

  • Differentiated Value Propositionssales skills training

A Value Proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the customer of value that will be experienced. Your differentiated value proposition is the ultimate reason why a customer will buy from you instead of your competitor. Developing a true DVP is an iterative process that takes time and careful consideration.

Understand how to identify and measure differentiator's specific to your situation to build a winning strategy.

  • Value Conversations

The process of influencing a customer's ideas of how to solve their problems using your solutions is the real skill for sales people.

Value Conversations are direct interactions with the customer in which you explore pain/gain issues to establish a vision and a value of what is possible working with you. Value Conversations help you gain agreement that your Value Proposition is differentiated, compelling and accepted by the customer.

Good diagnosis earns you the right to explore potential solutions with your customer. Value Conversations shows you how.

  • Negotiation

sales management processNegotiation happens throughout the sales process. You negotiate access to people and information. Customers seek to negotiate "informally" on prices and terms and test your negotiating skills at the first opportunity. "Formal" negotiations regarding engagement and contract are generally at the end of a selling cycle and much of what you will learn is designed for this type of negotiation. However, the 5 key skills learned in this module can be used in negotiation at any time.

From Dealing with Tough Negotiators Assessment by HRDQ


WINSCOPE™ integrates outputs from a comprehensive planning methodology with the soft skills required to execute the plan. A well prepared negotiation strategy brings together all the knowledge and skills required to navigate a successful win. WINSCOPE™ shows you how.