Tangible, Sustainable
Sales Productivity Improvement

Talent Management


The Talent Management challenge: how to attract and retain top talent.

The SPM approach – create and manage an environment that enables
good sales people to become and remain successful.

sales talent managementThis dictates a balance between developing existing sales resources into a more capable sales force and attracting more capable candidates to hire. Begin with the Sales Strategy and Behavioural Blueprints. These reflect the desired state. Add well-defined sales and sales management processes to give greater visibility of progress in opportunities and provide proof that new skills and tools are being adopted. SPM offers a range of services and applications to create a balanced program for Talent Management. Click below to know more about our services and applications.

  • Role Definition - Defining Sales-related roles that align with a future state or behavioural blueprint is a prerequisite to developing and conducting KSA based capability assessments.
  • Competency Profiling & Assessment - Develop Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) Profiles for all sales related roles and establish desired performance benchmarks for different roles and grades. Using Profiler, conduct assessments and analyse the gaps. Develop curriculum outlines and process recommendations to address those gaps.
  • Methodology & Curriculum Integration - Integrate your current investments in sales methodologies and other training assets to minimize the disruptive nature of the initiative and maximise ROI on training spend.
  • Recruitment Support - Align your recruiting practices with your sales transformation initiatives – ensure you hire people that fit your competency profiles (KSAs). how to increase salesDrive consistency in the interviewing and assessment of candidates across multiple interviews. Simplify and accelerate the recruiting process. SPM will guide the development of interview questionnaires and processes to achieve these objectives.
  • DISC® Behavioural Analysis - Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are designed to provide information that is actionable and have a positive impact on performance. Reports can be produced indicating where staff may struggle to overcome assessed development gaps due to inherent behavioural characteristics. 
  • Sales Performance Appraisals - Establish ongoing capability development goals for individuals or groups. Integrate with business objectives to create an environment of continuous learning to support the vision and mission of the company.
  • Certification & Testing - Significant investments in training can so often be lost when retention and application of learning are not driven as a requirement. Elevate the importance of your development program and promote rapid adoption with situational testing against agreed standards.